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We design digital products and services
that yield impact, meaning, and relevance

Our Company

Mind Katalyst is an design and technology innovation firm. Our company applies design thinking methodologies to help organizations and start-ups sparks innovative ideas that strikingly redefine the realm of possibility. Utilizing our acute insight into customer experiences, we help you strategically identify propitious business opportunities and develop pioneering new products, services, systems, and digital experiences — leading to captivating marketplace differentiation, unparalleled economic growth, and human-focused solutions.

Our Approach

Mind Katalyst unlocks your creative potential to innovate and strategize in radical new ways.

We combine creative energy and design culture to identify areas of unbridled opportunity. Our multidisciplinary team works in harmony with yours, acting as innovative kindling for rapid change. Fusing your insights with MindKatalyst’s expertise cultivates an environment of innovation to reimagine your organization’s future.

From inspired ideation to intensive consumer study; from product design to prototyping; from opportunity mapping to optimizing user experience; we distill your ideas into tangible solutions and profitable strategies.

At Mind Katalyst, We Are


We shake things up. We shatter comfort zones to uncover more effective ways for your company to be, do, and create.


We discover customers’ unfulfilled needs, unseen behaviors, and untapped desires, and strategize lucrative new ways to serve them.


We’re allergic to complicated. We translate tech talk and break down advanced business strategy into clear, plain English.


Diversity is our lifeblood. Combining different backgrounds, talents, cultures, and ideas is the only way to make true magic happen. (And we’re all about the magic.)


We are curious and enthusiastic inventors of things that are used digitally and physically.


We ignite ideas, opportunities, hungers, and passions. We help your team hone their intuition, harness their limitless creative potential, and express their inner voices.


Being proactive is what we do best. We iterate the products, services, systems, digital experiences and capabilities your company needs to breed a culture of innovation that ensures continuous growth.


Your future is our present. When it comes to your business, we see what can be, rather than simply what is.

People and Culture

Mind Katalyst is a team of visionary technologists, business strategists, researchers, and visual, interface, industrial, and experience designers who share one common goal: positively, and profoundly, impact lives.

Moving innovative ideas from concept to reality is our way of changing the world. Bringing leading-edge ideas, humanizing solutions, and transformative designs to the marketplace makes us come alive.

We see diversity and inclusion as its own form of innovation. A true leader never creates alone. Our organization, and our industry, must be reflective and inclusive of the society that we serve in order to make a meaningful impact. We honor and celebrate diversity in all its forms and enthusiastically embrace inclusion across projects.

Companies We've Worked WIth