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We make awesome digital things.

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    Design for Her

    Women influence up to 85% of consumer purchases. News flash, all girls do not like PINK. We create user-centered design through the lens of and for female consumers.
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    Expand Mindfully

    We help organizations and start-ups re-imagine new business opportunities aligned with your purpose for sustainable growth.
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    Culture of Innovation

    We empower our clients and their teams to create products, services, systems and digital experiences their customers will love.

Research + Insight

Catalyst to meaningful innovation

In order to design solutions to satisfy the marketplace, your product, system, service, or digital experience must address a need that is meaningful, relevant, and impactful. To ensure significant innovation, we observe, study, and interview your customers in context. The naturalistic environment allows us to authentically frame the design challenge by unearthing customers’ true, unadulterated needs. Our insights provide rich understanding of your customers’ cultures, behaviors, and preferences, and uncovers untapped opportunities to address those driving, unspoken needs.


Developing a roadmap for success

Our strategists work closely with clients to optimize the performance of products and businesses. Strategists combine functional expertise and industry knowledge to evaluate, plan, and bring new products and experiences to market.

Mind Katalyst offers a new path: a harmony of customer and user experiences. Our business innovation process maps out future scenarios, offers incremental business value, and facilitates better experiences for your customers.

Along with business design tools, we use prototyping, co-creation, and potent storytelling to strategically accelerate influence and value, emboldening organizations with the confidence to move forward with dynamic initiatives.


Grounded in meaning and user experience

Design has the power to cut through the noise and establish meaningful relationships — which is imperative when the battle for consumer loyalty has never been fiercer. Utilizing people-centered principles and iterative prototyping methodologies within physical, digital, and communication design, we create integrated experiences that attract, engage, and truly matter to real people.

We co-create with customers and employees to ensure we are building authentic relationships. We work across platforms: from consumer products and mobile apps, to comprehensive product lines for mass channels, to connected products supported by digital ecosystems. We build service prototypes and pilots to evaluate new services and build confidence as the fidelity of ideas increases.


From concept to reality

Realization is key to bringing products and services successfully to market. We ensure that design intent is maintained within the realities of manufacturing, supply chains, channels, digital platforms, and business models. We test and iterate prototypes to ensure continued performance standards. While maintaining a product’s quintessence within the confines of production, we establish new product supply networks for start-ups, run in-market pilots, and liaise with digital development partners to roll out multi-platform digital experiences.

Product Development

We work with our clients and partners on new product development strategy to bring products to market through development, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Systems, Services, and Digital Development

We work closely with software development teams to move from prototypes to launch

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mind Katalyst different from other design and innovation firms?

We are a design and innovation firm skilled to help your organization make an impact, relevant, and meaning with your new product, service, system or digital experience. Our expertise is our keen application of the agile, design thinking and human-centered methodologies. We combine insight, research, and strategy with rapid iterative design prototyping and technology expertise to realization. You’ll get a great mix of fun, great design and personal attention.

Describe the ideal Mind Katalyst client.

Our ideal clients have bold and ambitious goals. They are interested in creating a physical or digital product, service, or experience that adds meaning, relevance, or impact to their customer. They are not interested in mere eye candy but in design that is attractive as well as purposeful and useful to their client base. They employ the notion of empathy for their customers and make solving real problems their priority. They are optimist, creative, collaborative, and open to new ways of thinking and doing things.

How do you charge for your services?

We typically charge either by the hour or by the project based on the scope and definition of the project.

Do you help protect the ideas of your clients?

Although you can chose to work with your own in house legal team. Mind Katalyst, has established strong relationships with highly skilled IP and trademark lawyers who can assist you with your patent, trademark and/or copyright needs. Its great to have options!

What types of enterprise projects do you design/develop for your clients?

We design consumer products and technology related applications in the enterprise and consumer spaces for web, mobile, and desktop platforms. We apply the proven human-centered design process and methodologies to all projects, regardless of the target user, platform or device.

Is there flexibility with how and when Mind Katalyst can engage in the design/development process?

We can come in at any time during the product development process and work with you to determine what's most effective. When we do come in, it is important that we are able to talk with you and your end-users in efforts to gain as much information and understanding of the problem we’re trying to solve so that we can come up with the best solution.

How can we expect to work with the Mind Katayst team?

Upon initiation of your project you’ll be assigned a Design Engagement Lead will serve as your primary point of contact for all project related communication from start to finish. This includes everything from project management, strategy, design direction and relationship management. No matter the level the complexity your project will be handled with care and dedication in a way that employs design-driven and agile methodologies and a collaborative approach. We have an open communication policy when working with our clients. Communication with our clients is usually several times per week via call, email, video chat and in-person depending on location and travel.