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Mind Katalyst works
with your organization

We are a design and innovation firm committed to building thoughtful products, services, systems, and digital experiences encouraging design thinking literacy, processes, and community impact.

We Partner with You

With the Mind Katalyst Impact Initiative, we’re building a global network of problem solvers. Creativity and design-centric solutions aren’t just good for business; they’re good for the world. We partner with nonprofits, corporate foundations, and organizations with humanitarian missions to use our design thinking practices and tools to facilitate significant social change throughout underserved communities. Our cross platform expertise covered the following areas: gender inclusion, digital learning and education and global health.

Communities of Co-Creation

Innovative communities are incubated in collaborative environments. Our Impact Initiative brings together professionals and community members to cultivate high-level innovation towards common social goals. Though working together to seek mutually beneficial solutions, we open a dialogue where every voice is heard and every idea is considered.

We work synergistically with our partners by designing a community vision encompassing shared goals, outcomes, and futures. Together, through drawing upon our unique expertise, our heterogeneous teams develop the strategies, products, and services to move toward our shared community vision.


Do you represent an organization with a social or humanitarian mission? We'd love to chat about what you're doing and explore how design thinking and innovation technology can help further your mission.

Atlanta CARES STEMfest Youth Conference

Challenge: Spark imagination and foster innovation in young girls interested in STEM fields.

Solutions: Segment workshop into discovery, ideation, testing, and implementation sessions to guide and focus the innovation process.

Understand and apply UX methodologies for improving both known and new app ideas that directly affect schools or society.

Design intuitive user interface for participants’ freshly-imagined apps.


Youth Leadership for Girls

Challenge: Ignite interest in young minds to solve society’s problems and explore careers in the tech industry.

Solutions: Provide girls with knowledge of and confidence to implement basic programming concepts using the AppInventor app.

Facilitate a hands-on, interactive learning environment to collaborate on our world’s social ills and explore potential solutions.

Customize two new apps that address or solve a social ill in society.


Digitial Youth Founders

Challenge: Increase the number of urban youth globally who start technology-focused social entrepreneurial ventures.

Solutions: Provide youth in both America and Africa computational, algorithmic and design thinking in efforts to design socially and culturally relevant technologies (namely game, mobile apps, or emerging technology) develop and grown a venture around those technologies.

Do you represent an organization with a social or humanitarian mission? We’d love to chat about what you’re doing and explore how design thinking and innovation technology can help further your mission.