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Follow Your Passion

A Culture of Curiosity

Innovation isn’t a behavior to be performed once; it is a continuous pattern that must be sustained. We help organizations develop and sustain a culture of continual innovation with mentorship and training programs. Through diffusing a user-centered focus built upon solution-finding, a shift toward universal innovation is born.

Mind Katalyst is a team of visionary technologists, business strategists, researchers, and visual, interface, industrial and mechanical engineers and experience designers who share one common goal: positively and profoundly, impact lives through our services that help bring about impact, meaning, and relevance for our clients.

Moving innovative ideas from concept to reality is our way of changing the world. Bringing leading-edge ideas, humanizing solutions, and transformative designs to the marketplace makes us come alive.

We see diversity and inclusion as its own form of innovation. A true leader never creates alone. Our organization, and our industry, must be reflective and inclusive of the society that we serve in order to make a meaningful impact. We honor and celebrate diversity in all its forms and enthusiastically embrace inclusion across projects.

Ready to Make An Impact Together?