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What We Do

For businesses that strive to differentiate themselves, experience continuous growth, and remain competitive in today’s dynamic economy, innovation is of paramount importance. However, understanding the cruciality of innovation and applying it are starkly different. That’s where we come in.

At Mind Katalyst, we’ve developed an innovation process that works across organizations. Our multidisciplinary team blends the processes, techniques, tools, and expertise to fit your unique project — to help you reimagine the realm of possibility, to do things differently and do them better.

Research and UX Strategy

The best way to design exceptional products is to start at the source: your customer. By uncovering their hidden needs and silent desires, we shine a light on areas of soaring opportunity to serve in profound new ways. We define and analyze the overlap between user needs and business goals to stimulate the field of future potentiality.

Interaction Design

We question everything while designing, utilizing techniques and tools to analyze user needs during each stage of the product lifecycle. We uncover enlightening answers to shape product design and enable optimum user experience across every touch point. We speak the language of details to smoothly move you from researching today to strategizing tomorrow to executing in the future.

Product, Service and Interactive Experience

Upon identifying the elusive sweet spot between customer and business needs and conceptualizing ways to satisfy them, new products, services, and experiences must be created. We design solutions to satisfy your customers and sustain economic growth. We examine products within the larger context of their use and encourage seamless interactions throughout every dimension of user experience.

Development and Test

To ensure maximum performance and user experience, we thoroughly test new designs by simulating real-world use. Forecasting algorithms, models, and physical prototype testing illuminate areas that require further iterations to enhance performance. We test, iterate, and test again until we have optimized every facet of user experience before going to market.

Our Disciplines


  • Interaction Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interface & Graphic Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Design Prototyping
  • User Research & Persona
  • Film & Motion
  • Design Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Digital Learning Design & Development


  • Innovation and Digital Strategy
  • Program Management
  • Social Innovation
  • Digital Experience
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Go To Market Strategy


  • Digital Design & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mobile Design & Development
  • Game Development
  • Web Development
  • Application Development
  • Open Source Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Ecommerce

Case Studies

American Heart Association
Research and UX Strategy, Interaction Design, Interactive Experience, and Training

Allow students to assess patient symptoms, apply their knowledge, and test treatment plans in a simulated virtual healthcare setting.

Design web-based, instructional course allowing students to interact with virtual patients. Utilize eSimulation technology to provide real-time results of proposed treatment plans. Optimize usability to ensure intuitive interactions across every touch point.

Benson Mills Group
UX Strategy, Digital Learning, Interaction Design

Design a sustainable way to attract, engage, and retain new students with online education system.

Redesign the online learning experience through usability testing to inform new design and features. Create a digital ecosystem with self-paced, self-moderated food safety training courses. Design virtual storefront with inventory of books, reference articles, and videos.

Forest Park – Smart City
Research + UX Strategy

Strengthen the future of the city and the quality of life for Forest Park’s urban residents.

Leverage data to develop new capabilities via annual civic hack-a-thon events. Foster economic growth and digital literacy through collaboration with local IT professionals and city youth. Improve delivery of city services through rebranded, mobile-friendly website.